'While You Can' - Luke Day

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Profits from the sale of all artworks included in ‘BOILING POINT’ will be donated to State Fire Brigades, Food Banks, Animal Rescue, and First Nations community aid.

Artwork Details

'While You Can' by Luke Day
Dimensions, Inkjet print on archival matte
Edition of 3

From the Artist

"I guess this one is pretty straight forward, a direct observation of how little time we have to make real change in the way we operate as a society, before the damage we've done to the planet cannot be undone."

About the Artist

Currently based in Melbourne, as an established designer and visual artist, Luke already traverses two distinct visual realms and navigates this duality within his studio.

Through his gallery work he likes to explore dual experiences where both positive and negative elements enter into a cheerful interplay and the viewer witnesses 
objects and figures connecting with their environment by sharing defined edges and bouncing between picture planes.