Wallum Heathland Grass Trio (Night) - Edith Rewa

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'Wallum Heathland Grass Trio (Night) (Themeda Triandra, Caustis Recurvata, Baloskion Tetraphyllum Subp. Meiostachyum)' by Edith Rewa
Digital Artwork, Limited Edition Archival Giclee Print on 290 GSM Hahnemüle Bamboo
Print Size: 363 x 800 mm 

From the Artist

Edith Rewa is a Brisbane based Illustrator and Textile Designer. Edith's work is grounded in protecting the diversity of Australia’s natural environments. She transfers her drawings of plants and place that may not always be geographically or seasonally accessible in our daily lives, onto cloth and paper - to bring snippets of landscapes to people and allow for a place to keep memories and plants alive in a different dimension. Edith is always looking for new ways to entwine the worlds of traditional botany with the contemporary Art + Design space whilst showcasing native plantscapes that are particularly under represented or known. Edith splits her time between client commissions (In publishing, stationary, fashion and design) and her own textile label, Edith Rewa. 


Her illustrations and prints for this exhibition are a culmination of time spent in different SEQLD coastal heathland landscapes sketching, observing, learning and mark making. Illustrations from the field have been further developed in her studio, into compositions which feature the plants personalities and peculiarities as she sees them. For Edith, From the Heath, is a homage to the precious endemic enclaves of coastal swamp heath, native grasses and wildflowers, an environment which forms one of the richest plant communities in the world, but is largely hidden, existing in dwindling swampy sand plains between developing highways, highrises and past silica sand mine sites.These illustrative offerings have been created to connect you with these plants and landscape. A sharing of my reverence for this flora, preserved on parchment and enclosed within a case of recycled spotted gum framing.