Tall Tenmoku Vase - Fred Valentine

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Artwork Details

'Tall Tenmoku Vase' by Fred Valentine
Ceramic with Tenmoku Gold Glaze
450 mm x 170 mm 

From the Artist

Fred Valentine is a self-taught ceramicist based in Brisbane, Australia. His practice thrives within the meeting point between clay body and canvas. In order to reach this threshold, Fred fires with a gas kiln, creating wheel thrown forms that are then gas fired to stoneware temperatures ^7-10+ with body and glaze reduction being a focus. His work is influenced by  Japanese forms and an Australian palette.

Through his work Fred implies the importance of an equal visual weight between both the clay body and glaze. Whether through finger marks left behind or through heavy reduction atmospheres it is this dialogue between the two profiles that his work seeks to explore. In order to achieve this, Fred has been primarily preoccupied with forms relating to that of the Jar and Vase, allowing for a larger interaction between the glaze and canvas it sits upon.

Above all his work seeks to convey an emotive response, to find the line between melancholy and joy, the quietly beautiful.