Shilo Lydia x Salvador Farrajota 'The Spirit of our Age'

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The Spirit of our Age

1. 64 x 52 x 52 – approx. 10kg
2. 62 x 70 x 70 – approx. 14kg
3. 53 x 90 x 90 – approx. 18kg

Reclaimed steel reinforcement bar & lace fabrics


From the Artists:

“The Spirit of our Age’ explores the revaluing and re-contextualising of unwanted materials into unexpected objects for social interaction. 

We collaborated to realise something decorative and attractive from entirely repurposed materials, juxtaposing the hardness and masculinity of steel reinforcement bars with the softness and femininity of lace.

From Salvador’s architectural background there was an innate understanding of structural integrity, and from Shilo&Lydia the knowledge of draping in 3D to clothe the structure became critical. It was an interesting transition for us to drape on an inanimate object rather than the human form. 

Having to accommodate the working practice of another discipline meant that the discussions began quite tentatively. Once we could handle the physical materials, the ideas came easily with sketching, modelling and mocking up. The form of the final objects was simple and almost seamless. It was decided very quickly and created with almost no alteration.

The artists share the hope that the audience will be by these structures which have been crafted with repurposed materials: originally discarded and unvalued.