Seamus Platt x Savannah Jarvis 'Better Homes & Guardians'

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Better Homes and Guardians 

~ Dreams, desires, realty
Take a long hard look at yourself
Be my guest, be my guest ~

Dimensions: 70x50cm
Materials: Glicée print and oil paint on canvas


From the Artists:

'Better Homes and Guardians' explores the imagery of house and home, regarding the domestic setting as an extension of the self. Pairing painting and photography, Jarvis and Platt constructed a form of documentation that simultaneously belongs to the day-dream and the real.

Both artists are dependent on the construction of meaning via allegorical and discursive imagery, combining their practices of image trawling and digressive narrative for the construction of this work. Bridging desire and fantasy surrounding the concept of home with indexical expressions of individuals occupying space, the artists depict a rounded expression of how we consider and mediate ourselves through domestic settings.

Coupling the images with humorous text, the works speak to a deadpan take on the hopelessness and value of the aspirational individual as they navigate the probability of modern home ownership.