Raw Warped Vessel #1 - Claudia De Salvo

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Artwork Details

'Raw Warped Vessel #1' by Claudia De Salvo
Glazed and fired with local wood ash and wild clay
190 mm x 160 mm 

From the Artist

Claudia De Salvo is a Gold Coast based ceramicist whose practice explored the conceptual, sculptural and functional potential of the medium. Her work is split between developing functional handmade items for everyday use and her sculptural practice where she has developed an intuitive approach to making. Through her sculptural practice she develops collections of objects that reflect a consideration for both the meaning imbued in the making process as well as the emotional response to the completed forms. Often conveying a playful sense of movement, each piece aims to balance serendipity with the very considered addition of sculptural elements that respond to the spontaneous gestures used to alter the forms.

This particular collection of vessels are a direct response to the native grass species that are endemic to the Wallum Heath Coastal region and that are the subject Brisbane based illustrator Edith Rewa’s most recent body of work. These reflections surface not only in the forms themselves but also through the artists attention to material. Many of the pieces are finished with glazes made in part from locally sourced wood ash and wild clay, in an effort to pay homage to the natural landscape in which these plants flourish. Inspired by their whimsical shapes, the vessels aim to celebrate these botanical specimens and display them in a way that encourages viewers to contemplate the grasses that are often left out of the discourse surrounding Australian native flora.