Rachel Surgeoner x Lili Mikami 'Setting the Table'

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Setting The Table

Liliana Mikami & Rachel Surgeoner 

Varying sizes

Clay, linen, vegetable dye, flour, water, yeast, lacquer  

From the Artists:

The shared themes that have emerged from this work between the two Artists is the exploration of identity, tactility and community. Through experimentation with ceramics, food dying, and food as an ephemeral medium of the work, their mutual intent is one of exploring culture and conviviality. How do we commune together as a society, family and friends? How is this influenced by our heritage and traditions handed down?

Lili influenced the making of ceramics, embroidery and photography guided by her current practice, where Rachel’s practice brought food and dining into the research and pieces made, and exploring curiosity and playfulness with food! 

To Rachel, this work is a communion of ideas and a sharing of knowledge and skills, much like conversation at a dinner party. To Lili, the work is an evocation of a table setting where family and friends often gather, sharing ideologies, traditions and cultural values.