Platypus Publication - SALTY

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PLATYPUS is a print publication recognising unseen Australian icons hiding at the intersection of STOLEN LAND and culture in this anthropocene. It is not afraid to express ideas through casual poetry, semi-political, visual jest and bold gestures.


Author Marilena Hewitt - 

"Issue 2 'SALTY' is about exploring the sticky nuances of the mangroves and mudflats and to celebrate the most beautiful and mundane cultural icons in my life - my family. My mum, a cyclonic, Italian work-aholic and in contrast my father a calm but distant tug- boat of kindness. It will share through poetry, art works and anecdotes stories of climate change and rituals/relationships around salt-water and food and navigating queerness in a quintessential Australian/Italian nuclear family PLUS an Italian secret recipe book by my mother.

The stories, poetry and imagery are honest and a little salty but made with an enormous amount of love and appreciation for my parents and the beautiful big tides I grew up on."



Physical attributes: 

Size: 280mm x 210mm

124pp uncoated 140gsm + 250gsm cover (half recipe book + half journal)

With special Pantone blue 072

PUR bound

Platypus partnered with Artist Michael Phillips and printers Cornerstone Press to make this publication truly special for its' readers.