Paula Dunlop x Cody Wood 'Call - Response - Response'

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Call - Response - Response 

Variable, approx. 60cm x 100c
Xerox prints, steel and glass found objects, steel chain, glass beads, thread


From the Artists: 

Call - Response - Response is a conversational exchange of images and objects.  
The artists each took turns issuing a prompt to the other (Wood sharing moments captured via phone camera, Dunlop, material remnants from her home studio) to instigate a back-and-forth exchange of the visuals, objects and materials present in their lives.  

The result: seven stories composed of images and assemblages that speak of presence and place, acknowledgement and recognition — simple but meaningful impressions of the artists’ domestic surroundings and everyday work environments. 

Call - Response - Response is about two strangers making connections in a spirit of openness and curiosity, and finding a common ground in their shared appreciation for the small, the quiet, the overlooked and the everyday.