'Paredarerme' Print - Bill Job

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Photographic Print & Poem by Bill Job

Print: 21 x 39.5 cm
Poem: 10.5 x 14.5 cm

Archival Print on Matte Paper

This print is part of the current exhibition 'Platypus' which celebrates the launch of the new independent publication of the same title. 


About the Project

PLATYPUS the publication (like the animal) is swimming somewhere between land and life - a unique culmination of factual, visual elements that come together to create a beautiful capture of our country as a whole.⁠⠀
The animal like us, is tricky to categorise. However, once seen for its beauty, humour and evolutionary brilliance, its complexities being to untangle. ⁠⠀
How can we start to consciously mine and unearth the undervalued, iconic beings of our culture? The beautiful, humorous and meaningful people, occupations, animals, plants or objects. And in doing so, how do we unearth the ugly truths of Australia’s inverse and guilty landscape?⁠⠀