Madeline Holt x Marisa Culpo 'Containing the Illusory'

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Containing the Illusory

160 cm x 48.5 cm x 36 cm

Projection, Linen, Stuffing, Pine, Cotton Thread

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From the Artists:

Through Soft Sculpture and Animation, Marisa and Madeline both present refined and minimalistic textural works that study abstract shape and organic forms. Their ‘mutual intent’ was to create a context to frame each other's mediums, whilst cohesively displaying the same concept. Marisa’s work with fabric inspired Madeline's motion studies, whilst Madeline’s animations informed Marisa’s structural composition.

The artwork created for ‘Mutual Intent’ alludes to the traditionalist approach of framing in order to contain an image and to place an emphasis on interior space separated from the real world. With this modern interpretation, the use of soft sculptural framing and digital projection invites the audiences to view the new iteration of an old formula.