Lee Wilkes x Zak Southgate-Smith 'DISTORT'

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118.9 x 84.1 x 2.5cm
Oil, acrylic, aerosol, soft pastel, oil pastel, permanent marker, graphite, c-type 
photograph, found postcard, Perspex mirror, glass mirror and plywood on Di-bond. 

From the Artists:

DISTORT provides commentary on the effect time has on our memories. While we believe our own memories to be accurate, often they are distorted by life events, trauma, and emotions over time. Our ability to fabricate memories, or simply choose to forget, could be the catalyst for our inability to learn and improve our futures.
 The primary use of photography, a shared medium of the artists, represents the creation and subsequent destruction of memory. Additional multimedia elements reflect the external factors that lead to these distortions and the fragility of memory over time.