Justine Wake x Karina Seljak 'Making Light'

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Making Light

250 x 100 x 8  
Paper, fabric, paint, found objects  

From the Artists:

Both Justine and Karina experiment with visual elements and processes that bridge everyday life with transcendental experiences. This votive or charm was made in gratitude for the inspiration and guidance provided in times of loneliness and isolation. Organic forms were patchworked together using fabric, dyeing and stitching from Karina, and painting and sculpture from Justine.

For Karina, piercing paper and fabric was like letting light into dark spaces, and threading  connections between silos. For Justine, the creation of small artworks representing the natural world and the ‘charm’ strings speak to the big picture that we are all tied to in conscious and subconscious ways. Working as a duo has been a lovely microcosm of exploring connection and new perspectives.