Dust - Fred Valentine

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Profits from the sale of all artworks included in ‘BOILING POINT’ will be donated to State Fire Brigades, Food Banks, Animal Rescue, and First Nations community aid.

Artwork Details

‘Dust' by Fred Valentine 
24 x 16 cm, Dark Stoneware with High Manganese (Gas Fired in Reduction), Rutile White & Blue Glaze

From the Artist

"The following pieces are related to the concept of a collective hope. A hope of change the shared feeling that all have at this present time for things to progress meaningfully. The pots do not draw on or resemble a specific motif in regard to the landscape around us however due to form; they allow us, the observer to look outward onto the dark, course and burnt surface and then inward into the blue and white. Us, a symbol of hope."

About the Artist

Fred Valentines work is primarily driven by form and shape much of which is influenced by Japanese style. It seeks to provide a bridge between functionality and attraction, melancholy and joy. 

All work is wheel thrown then gas fired to stoneware temperatures ^7-10+ with body and glaze reduction being a focus. 

Fred is a Brisbane based artist working out of his home studio in Bardon.