Des Skordilis x Gabrielle White 'All Down But Nine'

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All Down But Nine

118 x 84cm
Limited edition print (1/1), projected animated loop [00:02] 

From the Artists:

Between Des' bold and joyous playful characters emulating a nostalgia for the simplicity of childhood, and Gabrielle's confident and thoughtfully balanced approach to graphic composition, both our creative practices favour playfulness and simplicity.

We utilised this shared approach to create an artwork in unison that best reflects the harmonious intersection of our practices, in a playful and light-hearted way. The collaborative process led us to discover a shared love for Western motifs – desert landscapes, gun-slingin' cowboys, boots and all – which formed the basis for All Down But Nine. The work was further informed by reflecting on our experiences during the lockdown period, when a familiar restaurant experience was nothing more than a distant memory.