David Don x Petalia Humphreys 'Homage to Home'

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Homage to Home 

80x80cm, 20x20x20cm
Acrylic on Plywood 


From the Artists:

Immediately, we knew our practices aligned, if not for our consistent use of line, shape and colour, it was almost certainly our fascination with clean lines and the geometric realm. However, as we continued unpacking our practices, a more nuanced perspective began to emerge - inspired by actions of reduction and restraint to express, or responding to the spaces we commonly inhabit.

Responding to these spaces, particularly strong architectural forms, coupled with intentional use of light became  our focus for this project. Through a
process of wrapping and unwrapping, spaces are revealed in a dialogue between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional plywood forms.

Taking inspiration from existing architectural perspectives, 'Homage to Home' brings together both Petalia’s and David’s practice into a singular field of experience, where familiar motifs of line, shape, light and shadow coalesce to create a unified yet varying perspective.