Craig Seibel x Thomas Bartsch 'Cascade'

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54 x 66in (137x169cm) 

Mixed media on canvas. (Pastel, charcoal, acrylic, and aerosol paints on cotton canvas)

From the Artists:
Cascade explores the concept of fluidity through the encountering of rapid change and the duality of reacting and reflecting on the dynamic of one’s ability to adapt. The collaborative approach to the piece allowed the artists to respond to each other’s mark-making over a series of encounters, becoming shorter over time.
Through this continued visual conversation, the work has brought forward a deeper interrogation of each individual and their practice, how we work with each other, and ultimately how we came together to create as one. 
Craig’s emotional and quick decisive gestures lend the feeling of chaos while Tom’s attention to minute detail and execution of high contrast lines provides structure and weight. Together, through reacting and reflecting, the work has emerged with simultaneous support and the propulsion of shared ideas.