Chris Miller (Studio Flek) x James Talty 'Behind The Screen'

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Behind The Screen

Chris Miller (Studio Flek) x James Talty  
1800 x 3600 x 200  
Timber, Bioplastic, Mycelium Composite & Bronze


From the Artists:

Both James and Chris’s work is founded on furniture design, and when paired up for Mutual Intent the team decided to design a piece of furniture that would explore the collective divide experienced between individuals over the past year. The resulting partition expresses shingles representing the changes to perception brought about through this isolation. Particularly how being physically cut off from others has forced us to look at things in different ways; our role and contribution in the world, how we engage with others and the environment. Many of us also reflected on our consumption of resources.

Our goal through this project is to invite people to consider how we can do more with less, and use the resources around us - transforming them through more natural processes. The partition consists of two distinct parts representing the two collaborators; Chris (Studio Flek) exploring the textural alternative material for shingles, while James produced the structural timber frame.