'Blueprint 2' - Rhiannon Dionysius

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Artwork Details

'Blueprint 2' by Rhiannon Dionysius
15 x 20 cm, Aquatint transfer on porcelain paper clay

From the Artist 

"For me this work relates to my concept of environment as the imagery of two figures relishing in a bath is something that feels heavier to me in 2019. Water is no longer a symbolic tool of connection in my practice, but of scarcity and privilege. I feel acutely aware of my usage of water as a finite resource and luxury now. The meaning of this work for me has shifted over the years from depicting an exchange of fluids and feelings between two people, to a nostalgic reverence for the resource water itself."

About the Artist

Rhiannon Dionysius is an interdisciplinary artist from Brisbane who works primarily in ceramic sculpture, jewellery and  workshops. Through her process-driven material and narrative play with ceramics, Dionysius reflects on personal and symbolic experiences of emotional and physical vulnerabilities. Using technical skills of construction and conventional ceramic forms her practice engages with the materiality of ceramic-making processes and uses mark-marking as a signifier of the temporality and labour involved in working with the medium.