'At Bay' - Nina White

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Profits from the sale of all artworks included in ‘BOILING POINT’ will be donated to State Fire Brigades, Food Banks, Animal Rescue, and First Nations community aid.

Artwork Details

'At Bay' by Nina White
32.9 x 48.3 cm, Inkjet Print on Archival Matte Paper

From the Artist

"In 2014 Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) endured a sample of the catastrophic bushfires which have affected Australia this fire season. Friends and I happened to be holidaying on North Stradbroke during the fires, in which it was estimated 60% of the north island was burnt. These images were taken on the Ferry back to Cleveland after being advised to evacuate as power was not going to be restored any time soon and supplies to the island and communications were becoming problematic. The smoke blanketed the bay and choked your lungs. As we left, ferries arrived carrying firefighters and trucks to relieve the exhausted volunteers, generators to power essential infrastructure and supplies to feed locals. Whilst only a taste of what future fire seasons would bring, these fires still decimated the ecosystem with populations of native flora and fauna particularly eastern grey kangaroos, koalas and amphibians."

About the Artist

Nina White is a photographer and PhD candidate based in Brisbane. Much of her work explores the complexities and ambiguities of existing within the world socially and emotionally. She has multiple long-term projects in the pipeline, but stays sane in the short term by chronicling her every-day and experimenting.