Arrangement - Andy Harwood

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'Arrangement' by Andy Harwood

Synthetic polymer on board

50 x 50cm


The Third Quarter were pleased to present ‘CRITICAL / OVER THINKING’ a solo exhibition by Brisbane based artist Andy Harwood from Oct 11 - 24, 2019.

Straight lines appear moving, vibrating, suggesting a brain in flux between order and chaos. Composition is integral to the emotional charge of these paintings, as Harwood conceptualises critical thinking through the use of mathematically-derived structure. Percentages of area create an overriding sense of balance and proportion in the interaction and repetition of forms. 

CRITICAL / OVER THINKING presented two ends of the artist‘s psychological spectrum, both in opposition and deeply interconnected. Harwood’s
exhibition held viewers at the crux of this tension, and invited them into a shared state between reason and anxiety.