'Armageddon' - Delong Lin

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Profits from the sale of all artworks included in ‘BOILING POINT’ will be donated to State Fire Brigades, Food Banks, Animal Rescue, and First Nations community aid.

Artwork Details

'Armageddon' by Delong Lin
45.5 x 55.5 cm, Silver Gelatin Print.

From the Artist

"The heartbreaking sight of a disastrous landscape still remains as a landscape. There is beauty amongst the ruins. Red soil collected nearby the surrounding environment is used to tone the photograph, this is reflected on the hardship which the land is faced with many issues throughout the years such as the ongoing drought."

About the Artist

Delong Lin (b. 1993, Townsville, Australia) is a photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. He predominantly shoots in black and white, where he also continues to process his films & makes prints in the darkroom. Lin gravitates towards the everyday conditions surrounded in his environment by shining the light onto humans and subject matters to reveal a part of their stories; focused on capturing & preserving these moments in life while we coexist. Lin's ongoing exploration with alternative processing & printing has been applied to toning his photographs by utilising ingredients & organic matters sourced locally from his surrounding environment