Aidan Ryan x Mark du Potiers 'It's Only Natural'

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It’s Only Natural

Site-specific installation; dimensions variable
Acrylic on timber, textiles, twine

"Available for purchase: Individual portions, or, Burger with the lot!"


From the Artists:

2D and 3D worlds collide in Aidan and Mark’s bright collaboration, with the pair merging together in one location elements of drawing; design; craft; colour; texture; and spatial exploration. Unifying their senses of humour and playfulness, the two have cultivated a giant tree that fruits deconstructed hamburgers…
Illustration meets sculpture to produce tasty layers of woodwork paintings and soft plush ready to befriend and take home – YUM!

This pair believes smiles are free,
and grow on trees like you and me.
Gotta feed that frown some candy?
Or you have a smile that’s handy?
YES, you are allowed much more;
take some burgers out that door!
Happy and tasty while you roam,
They’ll make you grin all the way home!

It’s only natural...