Inheritance - Kirralee Robinson

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Profits from the sale of all artworks included in ‘BOILING POINT’ will be donated to State Fire Brigades, Food Banks, Animal Rescue, and First Nations community aid.

Artwork Details

'Inheritance' by Kirralee Robinson
2 Part sculprure, approx 30 cm2, Reclaimed cedar, charcoal and acrylic paint

From the Artist

"Let’s really look at what we have inherited from those who have gone before us; from our own eye colour to our laugh, to our attitudes towards others and our relationship with the earth. Through looking we can learn what from the past we bring with us and what to leave behind."

About the Artist

Kirralee Robinson is a Brisbane based sculptor who works primarily with timber and other materials including cotton, charcoal and steel. She is heavily inspired by these materials themselves, as well as the built environment, and combines elements of geometry, op art and notions of tension and movement. Her work is sculpture but she thinks of it as assemblage; a bringing together of materials textures and ideas.