Faded - Thom Stuart

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'Faded' by Thom Stuart

Acrylic on plywood

40 x 60cm

The Third Quarter were proud to host Australian artist Thom Stuart with his solo exhibition 'EMPTY SUN' from May 10 - 23, 2019.


From the artist's viewpoint as a non-indigenous Australian, Thom Stuart recognises and touches on the history and lineage of artists before him attempting to capture the Australian landscape from a western perspective.

As a male contemporary painter, Stuart showcases his observations on the inherent aggression impacting the landscape, present in human behaviours -- whether through vandalism and the desire to leave marks in a public space, or the act of building walls in the desire to propagate segregation with imagined and physical boundaries.

EMPTY SUN was a bold collection of painted works that examined the complexities of these issues, while still presenting a pleasurable aesthetic experience as an authentic observation of the artist's current environment.