Blur (2) - Jay Jermyn

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'Blur (2)' by Jay Jermyn

Print on rag, framed

42 x 29.7cm



FILTRATION was Jermyn's solo exhibition at The Third Quarter from June 21 - July 4, 2019. The exhibition presented a marking point for recent developments, indicating a bold new direction in the artist’s practice.

Creative resolve occurred during his RADF funded Salamanca Arts Studio residence in Hobart, Tasmania, and Jermyn chose to showcase a series of works that had been developed since Hobart - recognising the residency as a departure point for ideas that circulate around the notion of filtration.

FILTRATION was defined by the intersection of the digital and the physical self. Highlighting the conscious decisions made to filter the individual's output, this body of work unveiled and questioned the context of these decisions in Jermyn's unmistakable graphic language.