Samir Hamaiel x Chris Macpherson ' Escape'

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48 x 18 x 1.5 Inches
Acrylic paint and digital print on plywood board


From the Artists:

Escape is a meeting point of spacial experience and emotional response to place, blending Samir Hamaiel’s painting practice, which is based upon photographic manipulation, and the photographic practice of Chris Macpherson.

The subject of the work is a houseboat, stranded in a paddock in a small country town. Through the process of painting, the environment is able to be manipulated and the houseboat is transported to a new location. It “escapes” to somewhere that faintly resembles a body of water, while remaining dreamlike due to the unnatural colours and inverted/mirror effect. In the end, both the original and manipulated images are an unusual sight.

Contemplating the houseboat’s predicament, Escape stands as a reflection on the thoughts and emotions of the world over this year passed. Being trapped in an unusual situation/environment and wishing for things to be different, to be somewhere else.