Claire Grant x Kuweni Dias Mendis 'Heart of the River'

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Heart of the River

87 x 64 cm  

Cyanotype, pastel, hand-dyed thread and 24-karat-gold thread on washi paper 

From the Artists: 

Rivers and waterways run through both Claire and Kuweni’s creative practice. A 1933 flood map of the Brisbane River forms the underlying concept for this artwork, where the heart of the river meets the heart of the Powerhouse. 

The river has changed her course dramatically throughout history, she breaks her waters unannounced - a natural source of power to be respected. The Powerhouse once used this natural force to provide electricity to a tram system that moved people physically, now it moves people’s perceptions, regenerating the culture of the city.

A blue-print from Claire’s photographic practice is overlaid with Kuweni’s distinctive raw mark-making, interspersed with fine 24-karat-gold stitching. The gold is a spiritual emblem of sunlight shimmering on the water, and honours the sun that activates the cyanotype process. 

Ideas were allowed to flow and merge like the river, bringing two practices together in synergy to complement one another and respond to place. We hope people will be intrigued to look closer at the details in this artwork, to see and interpret the spirit of the Brisbane River in their own way.