Bill Platz x Jarred Wright 'Glass and Puppets'

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Glass and Puppets

Puppet heads (wood), puppet hand (wood, steel wire and cellulose foam), glass prostheses (blue glass, plastic, aluminium and wire), drawings (iron gall ink and body colour on stained Hosho paper) and Fujifilm FP-100C instant colour print in vitrine with integrated lighting (plywood, acrylic, felt and led lighting).

900mm x 1200mm x 370mm

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From the Artists:

Bringing together a glassmith and a draughtspuppet will invariably result in eccentricity. Puppets accustomed to holding tools in their stiff fingers are upgraded with an organic extension — articulated — that conducts ink beautifully and has rendered moot the need for hands. Although puppets’ clumsiness is charming, the cobalt glass suffuses the project with sensitivity, curiosity and technique.

This collaboration has enabled the glass and puppets to draw.