Kitty Horton & Marisa Culpo

In her new body of work, Brisbane-based artist Kitty Horton mindfully considers the relationship between decorative forms in interior space. Drawing on the emotional impulse to rearrange and renegotiate objects in these spaces, particularly plants and ceramics, Kitty thoughtfully contemplates this satisfying process of curation.
Using a palette of predominating green to reflect the gentle foliage used in minimalist interiors, Kitty breaks down three-dimensional objects into shapes which are compressed and fragmented by contours and construction lines. As these objects become semi-abstracted, Kitty playfully considers their shapeliness by both concealing and revealing their form in through built up layers and altered surfaces.
Through her observational process, Kitty’s body of work considers the transitional relationship between looking, drawing and painting.

Marisa Culpo’s work explores the relationship between materiality, process and memory and questions the function of traditional craft techniques in contemporary sculpture, while also addressing the value of the crafted object devoid of
utilitarian purpose.
In her most recent series, Marisa’s soft sculptures are perceived solely by the eye and draws attention to the importance of surface in revealing the process of the hand made. Further the function of both material and process emphasises the intimacy of making.
In addition, the separation of the utilitarian function of the crafted object does not make them entirely useless as they become a means to make memory tangible. 

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