Nadeem Tiafau Eshraghi

Nadeem Tiafau Eshraghi is a multimodal artist whose focus lies within the purity of real-world, offline experiences.

ENTER SELF is a shared directive. Presenting somewhere between installation, sound response and ceremony, it’s a spectacle of suspended fabric, showered in walls of found sound, recordings, and music. It's an offering of stillness and internal explorations; ulterior modes of the self, and solitary regeneration.

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Jay Jermyn

Jay Jermyn is a Gold Coast-based multidisciplinary artist, designer and musician who explores the intersection of the digital and the physical, identity and emotion, as well as notions of self through his installation and performance work. Jay presents reimagines his recent body of work VALENCE as LIGHT WORKERS, in direct response to the modern hybrid studio Little Street Studio.

LIGHT WORKERS brings together wall-based works, fabricated objects and Jermyn's music practice to propose and value a user-centric experience of the fragmented boundary between natural and virtual spaces.