Bushfire Relief Fundraising Exhibition



The Third Quarter team and our wider community are heartbroken by the Australian bushfire crisis, and those that have been affected by it. ⁠

What we are witnessing is unprecedented and catastrophic. 6.3+ million hectares of this land has been burnt. 1200+ homes have been destroyed. 500+ million animals have died. Over 20 people are confirmed dead since the crisis began this season. We're feeling a deep, collective hurt.


BOILING POINT is a marking point for these artists. We've hit our limit. Our country burns as we grow more ashamed of our government, we are heartbroken for our environment, and we are aching for those who've experienced loss. This is the point where we take action and contribute to the ongoing aid across the regions. ⁠

The sale of artworks through both the physical and online exhibition will raise funds for state based brigades, food banks and animal rescue. Considering the proximity to Invasion Day, we will also be making donations to this Go Fund Me campaign developed by accomplished First Nations man and community rights and empowerment advocate Neil Morris, to offer culturally sensitive, specific and direct support to some of those First Nations communities.

Invest in an artist, and invest in the immense healing this country is yet to undertake. ⁠