TRESSPASS - Brontë Naylor

The Third Quarter were pleased to present Toowoomba artist Brontë Naylor with her Honours Graduate exhibition ‘TRESPASS’. ⁠

TRESPASS investigated the recognisable stages of perception between what is seen as the “real” and “unreal" within the urban & suburban context. ⁠

The concept arose from the assumption that a dichotomy exists between the everyday world as lived by the urban majority, and their experience and perception of the supposedly natural landscape and environment. ⁠

The artworks in TRESPASS explored the aesthetic tension between natural landscapes of South East Queensland, and the built environments which frames these. Largely informed by fictional ideals of the Australian lifestyle, Naylor highlighted that these can often differ from the autobiographical experiences of that which surrounds us.⁠

Exhibition opening Friday November 22
Ran in the Ochre Gallery until December 5⁠